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Group Rules


The rules are all quite simple. If you have any additional questions just ask! =)

:bulletblue: All submissions to this group must be sculpture in media. We do accept other brands of polymer clay besides Sculpey.

:bulletblue: There are a wide variety of folders to make browsing through our vast collection easier. Please read the folder titles carefully and place your work in the correct one.

:bulletblue: WIPs are accepted, and there is a folder for them. Our definition of a WIP is any work that is not complete, we do realize not all sculptures are made with the intent of pigmenting or painting them, but a finished work should be free of loose debris / work space clutter.

:bulletblue: We limit submissions to 4 per day, as we feel this is more than enough. If you are a new member with many submissions, you are welcome to submit 4 a day for as long as you need to.

:bulletblue: Please check your photo quality!!! I understand we are sculptors, not photographers, and not everyone has a professional camera, but overly grainy, lopsided, or otherwise low quality photos may be declined.

:bulletblue: We have no formal quality check system in place. This means we accept all skill levels of sculptures, as we believe we all can learn from one another. However, extremely sloppy work with a "thrown together" feel may be declined based on the admin's discretion.

:bulletblue: We accept fan art, but please place it in the fan art folder. All works outside of the fan art folder should either be copyrighted to you or your commissioner.

:bulletblue: Wire armatures in WIP are okay, however wire sculptures which are void of any comment about future clay build up over the wire will be declined - the heart and soul of this group is clay.
Hi guys!  I hope this journal finds you all having a great weekend and if you celebrate it, a happy labor day!  

I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about our folder system.  A lot of people are still submitting to the wrong folders every day so I just wanted to go over some examples of what goes where to help everyone out.  

FEATURED:  Mods choose featured items, these are sculpts from any category that we find exceptional in some way.  It's never fun to have a mod tell you no, that's not quite feature worthy... so please choose the correct folder and don't submit to featured!

ABSTRACT SURREALISM:  This is the #1 incorrectly submitted to folder!  For our purposes cartoony stylizations do not count as truly abstract.  We made this folder to accommodate truly free forms and shapes that are not equally suitable to another category.  EXAMPLE: adventure time characters should be in FAN ART.  

ANIMALS:  Easy!  Real animals, extinct animals belong here!  Cryptid species like chupacabra, fantasy like winged horses would go on to fantasy.

FAN ART:  This is the second most misused folder- or should I say neglected?  Any widely known copyrighted material from tv, movies, game, comics, books, advertising icons, etc go in fan art.  If you did a commission for another deviant of their character you are welcome to submit it to other appropriate folders but remember it's always nice to site the owner of the character!

FANTASY:  Fantasy animals go here, this can be a normal animal with fantastical qualities too like vibrant coloring, wings, hybrid species like griffins, and even elves, faries etc!

HORROR AND MACABRE:  Many of these submissions may fit into another category as well, so this is a bit more at your discretion, but what we like to see in here is Halloween and Day of the Dead themes, gore, or overly graphic/scary creatures.

HUMANOID:  People!  These can include elves, giants, bipedal aliens, as long as it looks humanoid we're pretty lenient about what is submitted even if it might also fit in fantasy.  

JEWELRY TRINKETS:  Necklaces, pins, buttons, ear rings, charms.  Please be aware if it is a copyright character say, mario mushroom ear rings it belongs in fan art.  Thanks!

MAN MADE OBJECTS:  This folder was created for items like hammers, doll house furniture, polymer clothing designs.  

NATURE AND STRUCTURAL:  Did you sculpt a tree or flower?  Or a castle or koi pond?  This is the folder for you!

TUTORIALS AND RESOURCES:  We welcome tutorials to help others, just make sure they include polymer clay.  

WIPS:  Unfinished designs you'd like to share.  This includes many unpainted sculpts unless it is very refined and clean and the artist is known for submitting unpainted finished sculpts.

OTHER AWESOMENESS:  Anything we didn't account for.  We figured: why make more seldom used correctly folders?  =)

If you have any questions please ask here or just send me a note.  I'm always happy to help!  Special thanks to the mods for being so darned awesome!  =)
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ValerieJoyLauria Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member  General Artist
Thank you for accepting me!! I look forward to my experience here! Clap 
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Hope you like it! ;)
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ThisArtWar Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  New member Student
Hi! I was wondering how do I join a group - specifically this one? I work with Premo! Sculpted and Fimo s lot, I was looking for feedback, I make chibis, little monsters and various charms.
Eviecats Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Hi there!  I'm sorry it took me a couple days to get back to you, been under the weather.  There should be a join our group button up near the taskbar towards the right hand side, from there you can contribute art and just try and select the correct folder title.  We're happy to have you!  =)
ThisArtWar Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  New member Student
Thanks, I was just on my phone and I couldn't find the button.
bolthound Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Student General Artist
There should be a "Join our Group" button at the top of the page and all you do is click that!  
Then you are able to submit your work!
ThisArtWar Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  New member Student
Thank you!
a0era Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for accepting~ :)
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